Group Leader Responsibilities:

  • Check in with the Guest Services Host In the office upon arrival and departure.
  • Ensure that the facilities are left as found in an orderly condition. The group is financially responsible for any damages by their group.
  • Provide attendance counts (Both youth and staff included; if applicable) and event schedule two weeks prior to your event (see booking contract.)
  • Provide staff to safely operate your event.
  • Provide for group’s first aid and first aid supplies.
  • Provide adult supervision of at least 1 per 10 youth campers (through high school age).
  • Ensure that attendees wear safety equipment appropriate to activities.

Shiloh Bible Camp Responsibilities:

  • Provide meals and assign meal times, if we are cooking for you.
  • Provide available tables, chairs, and audio-visual equipment as requested to best meet the needs of your group.
  • Provide necessary staff to deliver services agreed upon in your contract.
  • Assumes no responsibility for lost and found items. However, if items are found, they will be held for up to two weeks and after that considered abandoned. Shiloh does not mail lost and found items.