When you rent our facilities you have two options food service wise. 
1) We prepare your food for you! You can have a look at our menu options (coming to the website soon!) and we can build your menu plan together! Then we do all of the kitchen work; meal prep, cooking, kitchen cleanup, dishes, etc. Shiloh charges $6 per meal per person.
or 2) You prepare your own food with your own cooks. Then you do all of the work; meal prep, cooking, kitchen cleanup, dishes, etc. You will be charged a kitchen use fee of $20 per day.

When Shiloh Prepares Your Food
Shiloh Bible Camp believes that the food your group eats during your stay will greatly impact your overall event mood. We strive to prepare nourishing and comforting meals. As Constance, our Food Services Coordinator, says, "we pour our love into the food!" Shiloh is no longer able to offer individualized meal plans, However, for guests who have dietary restrictions we provide a refrigerator, a microwave and an area for food preparation. 

Check back soon to see our meal options!