This is Shiloh's newest week of camp! In six days, campers learn a musical from start to finish, including casting, character development, songs, costumes, and more. It's going to be a great week full of quality training and excellent opportunities to develop your drama/musical skills!
Limited openings available! Sign up today.

Who? 9th-12th grade
When? August 6 - 12 
How much? $200 (after May 31st)









The musical for 2017 is titled
'Faithful to the End' 

Written by Marlene Olmsted, Julie Theophanes, and Eric Olmsted.

Set in River’s Bend High School, the drama follows Christy, who struggles to find fulfillment in her friends and family. Her good friend Hannah also feels lost and longs for the attention of the popular kids at school. She meets Steve, a star quarterback known for his good looks and exceptional talent. As the students search for love and acceptance, their journeys take them places they never expected.